Kensington - Windsor Terrace Mutual Aid 

We are neighbors helping neighbors cope with the physical, mental, emotional, and economic needs intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing inequality

If you have something to offer, please give.

If there's something you need, please ask.

Call/text: 347-433-8725


Things we do and work on:

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Addressing food insecurity & food waste 

Building relationships of solidarity 

Cooperative bulk ordering from a local farm

Connect & spread the word

Creating physical presence to build community 

We keep us safe

Supporting local chefs & feeding the neighborhood

Information dispersal

Collective to repair household items and share tools

Organizing to protect tenants' rights

Vaccine info & support

Your idea here

Propose your own mutual aid project

Get in Touch:

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In February 2021, we stopped accepting new grocery requests, as we caught up on a backlog and soul searched how to shift to a more genuine mutual aid model of solidarity, not charity. You can see the results above.