About Us

About Us

  • KWT Mutual Aid is a volunteer organization created by neighbors for neighbors. We started with the aim of collectively helping our community cope with the physical, mental, emotional, and economic needs created by the Covid-19 crisis. We will continue our work in response to ongoing needs in our community.

  • We partner with local groups, organizations, and volunteers to support neighbors' needs. Our main services include grocery delivery, check-ins, prescription pick up, assistance accessing government benefits, and the provision of emergency funds.

  • The idea behind mutual aid is simple. It is neighbors helping neighbors by pooling resources, supporting each others' needs, and by showing solidarity through our actions. Connect with your community! Please join us.

Key Documents

Transparency and Accessibility are two of our core values. We're building out this hub so anyone can access KWT Mutual Aid documents.

We will be adding key organizational documents such as:

Our Committees


Intake is the first point of contact for incoming requests and other communications via email or phone (Google Voice helpline). Intake submits new requests, follows up on questions about existing requests, and/or direct neighbors to resources as applicable. Volunteers sign up for shifts weekly that meets their scheduling needs, in 1-hour increments. This role can be done at any location with internet access (Google Voice can be used in a browser and/or through a phone app). Skills in spoken and written languages in addition to English, such as Spanish, Bangla, and Russian, are a big help.

Dispatch works closely with Intake to gather request information and posts to match with volunteers and/or other organizations in order to complete delivery tasks. Volunteers sign up for shifts weekly that meets their scheduling needs, in 1-hour increments. This role can be done at any location with internet access.


Keeps track of donations coming in through all the different channels, allocates funds for grocery shops and cash grants each week, sends reimbursements, processes requests for cash grants, coordinates with Dispatch and Communications to assess current needs and strategize the best means of driving financial support to cover them.

The Fundraising committee makes sure we can pay for the needs of the community by asking people to donate, mostly online. We report on how much cash we have so that the group can decide spending priorities together. We also make sure volunteers who go on grocery shops or deliver cash grants get reimbursed.

Contact: Mariah Montgomery, donate@kwtmutualaid.com


Seeks to bring transparency to KWTMA’s work by amplifying fundraising and volunteer needs through initiatives like creating and updating website content, developing editorial content for the bi-weekly email newsletter, posting on Instagram, and moderating Facebook.

For now, Communications publishes a bi-weekly Newsletter, and email announcements (Newsbites) twice a week, on Monday (Mutual Aid Monday) and on Thursday (Zoom Meeting Date + Time).

Communications meets via Zoom every Tuesday at 6:30pm.

Contact: comms@kwtmutualaid.com

Volunteer Management (description coming soon)