About Us

Mutual Aid is...

Mutual Aid is neighbors helping neighbors by pooling resources, supporting each others' needs, and showing solidarity through actions.

We are...

We are a grassroots organization created by neighbors for neighbors. We started with the aim of collectively helping our community cope with the physical, mental, emotional, and economic needs created by the COVID-19 crisis.

We will continue our work in response to the ongoing need of our community.

What we do:

Facilitate neighbor to neighbor support. Maintain and re-stock the KWT Fridge and Pantry, check-ins, prescription pickup, assistance accessing government benefits, and the provision of emergency funds. We often partner with local groups, organizations to support our neighbors' needs.

Getting involved:

We welcome anyone to join our mutual aid network! Anyone can request or offer help.

We are organized in working groups (see details below) and communicate primarily on Slack, Google Suite, and Zoom. We also meet in smaller groups to focus on specific issues and projects.

We are working on expanding our reach to be more inclusive through text-based communication or in-person (socially distanced) meetings.

In February, we stopped accepting new grocery requests while we worked through a backlog and began to shift the way we operate to better reflect a mutual aid model and not one of charity. We're currently piloting models for neighbors to support each other more directly and build in our community. Get involved! Help us work to strengthen our community and create lasting models of neighborhood mutual support!

KWTMA Working Groups include:

Person to Person Support This group helps plan and pilot models of direct neighbor-to-neighbor assistance. #person-person_assistance on Slack | Contact info@kwtmutualaid.com

Vaccines Help neighbors by sharing information about the COVID-19 vaccine and assist with arranging vaccine appointments and transportation. #vaccines on Slack | Contact vaccines@kwtmutualaid.com

Communications' objective is to bring transparency to KWTMA’s efforts and amplify fundraising and volunteer needs though a range of platforms including email updates along with website and social media content. #communications on Slack| Contact: comms@kwtmutualaid.com

Neighbor Coordination's role is to organize and coordinate action within the KWTMA community #neighbor-coordination on Slack | Contact info@kwtmutualaid.com

Intake is the first point of contact for all incoming requests and other communications via email or phone (Google Voice helpline). Intake submits new requests, follows up on questions about existing requests, and/or direct neighbors to resources as applicable. Volunteers sign up for shifts weekly that meets their scheduling needs, in 1-hour increments. This role can be done at any location with internet access (Google Voice can be used in a browser and/or through a phone app). Skills in spoken and written languages in addition to English, such as Spanish, Bangla, and Russian, are a big help. #intake on Slack

Dispatch closely with Intake to gather request information and posts to match with volunteers and/or other organizations in order to complete tasks. Volunteers can sign up for shifts weekly that meets their scheduling needs, in 1-hour increments. This role can be done at any location with internet access.

Fundraising keeps track of donations and allocates funds. Fundraising processes reimbursements and requests for cash grants, coordinates with Dispatch and Communications to assess current needs and define strategies to drive financial support, mostly online. Every month, fundraising reports how much cash is available for spending. | Contact: donate@kwtmutualaid.com

More descriptions coming soon for :

Neighbor Safety # neighbor-safety on Slack

Community Fridge & Pantry Support #community-fridge on Slack