Pods are organized groups of people who reach out to each other for support where and whenever possible. Neighbors pledge to help an individual or a family in need - in any given form - giving a fixed amount of money on a recurring basis (bi-weekly or monthly), providing childcare, running errands, sharing skills, or assisting to access government programs and services.

The goal is to build meaningful, trustworthy and personal relationships between neighbors, understand needs and offer rapid and more suitable responses. It is also about encouraging reciprocity between neighbors.

See our framework here.

Form or join a pod to...

  • Offer/receive monthly financial support

  • Drop off groceries or prepared food

  • Practice languages

  • Call the utility company for a neighbor who speaks a different language

  • Chat over text/phone/hang out in the park

  • Learn more about each other’s lives and get to know each other’s needs

How to get involved: