What is KWT Mutual Aid?

Our motto is “If you need something, please ask. If you can give, please give.”

We aim for solidarity, not charity!

Launched on March 19th, 2020, KWT Mutual Aid is a grassroots volunteer organization created by neighbors for neighbors, with the objective of helping our community cope with the physical, mental, emotional, and economic hardships created by the COVID-19 crisis.

The idea is simple: we show solidarity through our actions and pool resources and support each others' needs.

Our neighborhoods include immigrant communities that are often denied financial support from the city, state, and federal government, neighbors who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic and those living in vulnerable situations.

We partner with local groups, organizations, and neighbors to meet community needs, from assisting in maintaining food resources like the KWT Fridge and Purple Pantries, to prescription pick-ups, well-being phone check-ins, translation, support and guidance accessing government benefits, and providing emergency funds.

For more information, read About Us.

Which neighborhoods does KWTMA serve?

Kensington, Windsor Terrace and the surrounding areas.

Who can help?

Anyone can offer help, even for a couple of hours per day or per week!

How do you get involved?

There are a few options for places to start when getting involved!

You can...

Current Working Group topics include:

Vaccines, Person-to-Person Assistance, Neighbor Coordination, Communications, and more!

Email info@kwtmutualaid.com for more info!

** Important Announcement **

In February, we stopped accepting new grocery requests while we worked through a backlog and began to shift the way we operate to better reflect a mutual aid model and not one of charity. We're currently piloting models for neighbors to support each other more directly and build in our community. Get involved! Help us work to strengthen our community and create lasting models of neighborhood mutual support!

We frequently use Slack to communicate, exchange information, post and fulfill neighbors’ requests. If you’re not familiar with Slack, read this helpful Slack 101 Tutorial or watch this video. Once on Slack, you can join as many channels you’d like, and choose where you can help out. We can also work through email based on one's access needs!

We don’t assign tasks to anyone, it is up to you to choose where you can help out. If you have ideas, skills, or contacts, feel free to share! And if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!

If you'd like to learn about our working groups, click here.