Anonymously Crowdsourced NYC Vaccine Experience Info

We're crowdsourcing information about scheduling appointments and receiving the vaccine to inform our work and share knowledge with our community. If you have received the vaccine, we encourage you to share your experience.

* For each location, newest information appears first *

Vaccine Locations by Borough


AdvantageCare Physicians – Flatbush Medical Office

  • Made appointment through AdvantageCare website.

  • Another neighbor was able to schedule an appointment through

  • Checked in, then waited outside, socially distanced before being called in 15 minutes after scheduled appointment time. Another individual waited outside for 30 minutes before being called in.

  • Checked insurance and ID card, and printed out the state eligibility form.

  • It was a doctor’s office with around 8 people inside, socially distanced. Everyone wore masks and were friendly and respectful.

  • Was able to schedule the second appointment before leaving.

  • Received Moderna. Arm was sore, had a headache and was fatigued the next day.

  • Suggests printing and filling out the consent form ahead of time to save time once you are there.

Brookdale Hospital Medical Center

  • No appointment, walked up and waited in line.

  • Total wait time was 2 hours (including waiting for the site to open).

  • Checked ID, insurance and proof of eligibility.

  • Everyone was nice and helpful, and the process was clear.

  • Social distancing was enforced and masks were worn.

  • Scheduled the second appointment right after receiving the vaccination.

  • Received Moderna. Redness, swelling, and itchiness at the injection site.

Coney Island Hospital

  • Made the appointment online. Had to refresh the page multiple times to get an appointment in Brooklyn.

  • There was no line. Take the elevator to the second floor.

  • Staff said they are busiest first thing in the morning.

  • Checked ID and insurance.

  • Everyone was incredibly kind and thorough.

  • It was in a large room within the hospital.

  • People were set up to socially distance and everyone wore masks correctly.

  • Second appointment was automatically scheduled for 28 days later.

  • Received Moderna.

  • Parking at the hospital was tricky to find, as some of it is under construction, but it is available for a fee.

George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School

  • Tried to make an appointment for days and finally got lucky.

  • There was no line at 12:40pm.

  • Checked appointment confirmation and ID.

  • All of the workers were extremely helpful.

  • Vaccine took place in a cafeteria.

  • One or two NYPD officers were present.

  • Social distancing was enforced and everyone was wearing masks.

  • Scheduled the second shot on site.

  • Received Moderna.

  • Made an appointment through

  • Long line around the block. Checked in 40 minutes after scheduled appointment time. Waited on the line outside for most of the time, then waited indoors with about 10 others before receiving the vaccine.

  • Separated individuals with sooner appointment times into a separate line. One neighbor received the vaccine 15 minutes after scheduled time.

  • There were bathrooms at the entrance that said “one person at a time”.

  • Was asked about eligibility and for appointment number and ID, but did not ask for proof of eligibility. Filled out a short survey on smart phone after providing the appointment number.

  • Workers were friendly and asked those near the front of the line if they had any questions about the vaccine or possible reactions.

  • Not much law enforcement present.

  • The line indoors was short and moved quickly, but with volunteers guiding those entering and exiting, there were about 20 people in a hallway at points.

  • Received Moderna vaccine in a large cafeteria with low ceilings. Vaccine was administered by 8 different providers who were spaced out on a long table.

  • Almost everyone was wearing masks correctly.

  • It was unclear how to schedule the second dose. While being observed after the injection, they received an e-mail with confusing information stating “you cannot schedule your second dose yet”, but later learned the second dose should have been scheduled ASAP.

  • Another neighbor stated that there were signs taped to the walls explaining how to schedule your second appointment and workers with ipads were able to assist you.

  • People were assured there were EpiPens in every room in case anyone had an allergic reaction.

  • Slight fever on day 2 after receiving the injection. Arm soreness/redness starting 3 hours after injection, lasting until 4 days post injection.

Christian Cultural Center

  • Received first dose of Pfizer

  • There were multiple lines and stations to stop at. Total time spent there was about 1.5 hours.

  • Checked passport for proof of age and appointment confirmation e-mail.

  • Everyone was very nice and friendly.

  • Building was huge, hundreds of people were there, including substantial enforcement presence.

  • Social distancing was enforced and masks were worn.

  • Received a date for the second shot but the computers crashed as they were checking out, workers said they would phone or email about the location.

  • Didn’t experience side effects.

  • Word of mouth/communication are great ways to find out where appointments are available.

Lincoln High School in Coney Island

  • Made appointment through vaccinehub.

  • Waited on a line outside for about 20 minutes, then inside for about 10 minutes where you waited in a large cafeteria with about 100 other people.

  • Was asked about covid symptoms and for appointment code, but not about eligibility.

  • Made the second appointment on their phone while being observed for 15 minutes after receiving the injection.

  • There were Spanish and Russian speaking workers present. People were friendly and to the point, some were excited and taking pictures in line.

  • 5-7 police officers inside, one officer outside. EMTs inside too.

  • A few workers had masks under their nose. Social distancing was enforced in the line, however the gym was so crowded there were times people came closer than 6 feet.

  • Parking available nearby.

  • Felt achy and exhausted on day 2 after receiving the vaccine.

NYC Health and Hospitals – East New York Pitkin Ave

  • Appointments made through Originally no appointments available, but checked an hour later and there were multiple slots open (keep checking throughout the day/night).

  • Did not ask for proof of eligibility

  • Moderna vaccine

  • Might ask if you are pregnant or lactating

  • Music was playing to help cultivate a peaceful and celebratory environment :)

  • Lobby area did not feel like social distancing was supported

  • Waited 15 minutes for observation post vaccine

NYC Health and Hospitals – Kings County Hospital Center

  • Second dose of Moderna.

  • Was directed to building T (instead of building B).

  • Waited on line outside for about 5 minutes before being brought into a hallway, where they waited on a different line and registered.

  • Did not check any documents for the second dose.

  • Brought into a larger lobby waiting area, where they waited about 45 minutes before receiving the injection (an hour after the scheduled appointment time).

  • Received vaccine in a large room with many others. Vaccines were distributed at stations with screens dividing them. Moved into a smaller, crowded room for observation for 15 minutes.

  • Social distancing was not enforced (many moments where people were much closer than 6 feet due to the crowd), everyone was wearing masks

  • Had worse side effects than the first dose - chills, fever, headache, body ache, fatigue. Took a Tylenol after 48 hours, and that helped immensely.

  • Prepare to take it easy for a few days after the second dose of Moderna if you are able.

  • Made an appointment through early in the morning for the same day.

  • 451 Clarkson, Building B, 9th floor. The doors to Building B have a sign directing you to the main entrance of the hospital, but for those with vaccine appointments, you just enter at building B despite what the sign says.

  • Brought photo ID, insurance card, and proof of eligibility. Was not asked for proof.

  • Might ask if you are pregnant or lactating

  • Social distancing was lightly enforced. Waited inside a small room with about 15 others, and then in a hallway with chairs somewhat spaced out.

  • Everyone inside was masked, though a few pulled their masks down every now and then.

  • Appointment was made for 12:45, didn’t receive vaccine until close to 3pm.

  • Monitored for 15 minutes after receiving the vaccine in a room with others who are also being monitored.

  • Appointment for second shot was scheduled when you checked in.

  • One security guard present, no other police presence.

  • Received Moderna, and had side effects. Chills, slight fever, fatigue, headache, sore arm and redness at injection site. Side effects subsided within 72 hours.

NYU Langone – Sunset Park

  • Was notified by NYU and able to sign up via the patient portal.

  • Waiting time was not long upon arrival.

  • Filled out form online on the day of appointment. Received a confirmation e-mail, which they needed to show.

  • Everyone was masked and tried to stay socially distanced.

  • A security guard and staff were present and helpful with giving directions about where to go in the hospital.

  • Confirmed the second appointment via the patient portal later that day.

  • Received Pfizer - muscle/joint ache and fatigue the following day.

  • Must already be a patient at NYU to receive the vaccine there.


Javits Center

  • Was able to get an appointment on the NYState site after 6 hours of trying.

  • Arrived 45 minutes early. There was no line, and were taken in right away.

  • Checked ID and insurance.

  • Everyone was very professional and welcoming.

  • Huge area with many National Guard personnel standing by to help. Registration went smoothly. Received the vaccine at a private table from a nurse.

  • Social distancing was enforced, tables were spaced far apart, and everyone was wearing a mask.

  • Received Pfizer - had a sore arm for one day, but no other side effects.

  • Would highly recommend this NYS site. Very organized and had no waiting on any lines.

Mount Sinai – Union Square

  • Arrived early and was seen before scheduled time. Made the second appointment before leaving the clinic.

  • Checked ID and filled out a certificate of attestation on ipad.

  • No law enforcement present. Interactions with staff and others were pleasant.

  • Socially distancing was enforced and masks were worn.

  • Received Pfizer. Was tired and arm was sore after.


August Martin High School

  • Made an appointment through after a few dozen appointments opened up.

  • Waited on a line outside. Received vaccine within 40 minutes.

  • Checked the QR code (appointment confirmation) as well as the green check mark stating you had filled out the New York State vaccine form ensuring your eligibility. They would not let people in until they had proof they filled out the NYS form.

  • Tried to get people in quickly and everyone was nice.

  • Vaccine took place in a cafeteria.

  • There were NYPD officers in the hallway on the way to the cafeteria.

  • Social Distancing was enforced. Masks were worn.

  • Scheduled the second shot on their phone while they waited for the 15 minute observation post vaccine. Other people had to wait a few minutes because the system was down, and then workers came round to help people schedule their second vaccine.

  • Received moderna - injection was less painful than a flu shot, only side effect was a sore arm.

  • There is parking across the street for the Baisley Pond Park, otherwise it was street parking. The streets on the side of the entrance for vaccines were very full, and there were cop cars there yelling at cars to keep going. Suggest parking on the west side of the school, for the regular main entrance.

John Adams High School

  • Scheduled appointment through

  • Entered on Rockaway Boulevard, closer to 103rd. Go upstairs, have temp taken.

  • Have your appointment ID ready so you can be checked in. Wait in classroom with 6-10 other people. Wait takes about 15 minutes.

  • Did not ask for eligibility other than ID.

  • Filled out survey sent via e-mail the morning of the appointment.

  • John Adams is run by members of FDNY. NYPD is stationed outside. FDNY was pleasant (though some members were not properly wearing masks).

  • Waited in a gym with about 15 people after vaccination for observation, all spread quite far apart.

  • Social distancing was enforced in waiting areas, not as much in hallways for check in. Mask wearing in the hallway was about 97% compliance. Everyone in classrooms, gym wearing proper ppe.

  • Was given a time frame for the second shot, and told to schedule it for some time during those dates via They were unable to schedule that day. New slots appeared the next evening and was able to sign up then.

  • Received Moderna. Injection did not hurt. Fatigued for one day, sore arm for 2.

  • Make sure wherever you schedule your second appointment is offering the same vaccine as the one you received for your first dose.


Latino Pastoral Action Center

  • A friend scheduled the appointment for their first dose.

  • Arrived 45 minutes early. The vaccine (Pfizer) arrived late (possibly due to snow) and then waited an additional 30 minutes for the vaccine to thaw before they could administer it.

  • Checked ID after locating file on the line.

  • Were seated in a gymnasium, chairs were socially distanced. Someone would enter the gymnasium and call numbers and when your number was called you were taken into another room to receive the vaccine. There were individual separated cubicles for each person receiving vaccines. Then there were chairs for you to sit in to wait 15 minutes after your vaccination. Most people were respectful of distancing, however, there was a person representing an insurance company that was walking around the room handing out pens and other stuff and getting very close to everyone...and going from person to person. It was very shocking actually.

  • There was no law enforcement present that I observed. The gymnasium had about 30 people in it, all spaced six feet apart.

  • The second vaccine was scheduled as you entered the room to receive our first vaccine.

  • Injection was painless, 9 hours later no side effects.

Taft High School

  • Scheduled appointment through Recommended using Somos if you are a city worker.

  • There was no line, it took 5 minutes.

  • Checked school ID and insurance card.

  • Large space, few people present, those who were there were friendly.

  • Social distancing was enforced.

  • They were called to set up the second appointment.

  • Received Moderna.

Staten Island

Port Richmond High School

  • The line was not long, went by scheduled appointment time.

  • Only checked ID.

  • Interactions with workers and others in line were pleasant.

  • Received vaccine in High School cafeteria. Lines were marked to enforce social distancing. People were masked.

  • Was e-mailed a link to schedule the second appointment.

  • Received Moderna, sore arm post vaccination.