COVID-19 Vaccine Support

Useful information to help you understand and navigate the vaccination process:

For more information, visit:

NYC vaccine portal (800-831-8196) - for the latest updates on COVID-19 Vaccines

NYS vaccine FAQ

Read Gothamist article about the process of getting vaccines.

Check eligibility and who will be next

NYC Vaccine Eligibility Info (currently in Phase 1b)

The vaccine is free for everyone. If you have insurance, it may be billed but you will not be charged a copay or other fee.

Where to get a vaccine?

Find the nearest location and make an appointment

Find a COVID-19 vaccine in and around NYC (crowdsourced list)

Note: Each vaccination site/system has a different scheduling process.

Visit our Anonymously Crowdsourced Vaccine Experience Info page

We're crowdsourcing information about scheduling vaccine appointments and receiving the vaccine to inform our work and share knowledge with our community. If you have already received the vaccine we encourage you to share your experience.


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