In February, we stopped accepting new grocery requests while we worked through a backlog and began to shift the way we operate to better reflect a mutual aid model and not one of charity. We're currently piloting models for neighbors to support each other more directly and build in our community. Other recent projects include the KWT Fridge and new Tiny Purple Pantry on E 4th St across from the Community Garden! Join us as we work to strengthen our community and create lasting models of neighborhood mutual support!

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The Kensington - Windsor Terrace Mutual Aid network launched an emergency fund in the Spring of 2020 for neighbors struggling with financial needs during the COVID-19 pandemic to support neighbors living on fixed incomes, unhoused or precariously housed, food-insecure, or facing domestic violence. Immigrant communities ineligible for the stimulus checks, Uber and taxi drivers, hourly wage workers, domestic workers and home health attendants, daycare and childcare providers, and those who lost their income due to the crisis are all impacted.